Women’s Self-Defense

Our Women’s Self-Defense Classes in Phoenix provides training in recognizing and appropriately responding to dangerous situations, and techniques for successfully defending against and escaping the types of attacks most often encountered by women.

Our instructors approach the subject of women’s self-defense with a deep respect for our students. While we are sensitive to the serious nature of the materials covered, we work to achieve a balance between the importance of effectively teaching the techniques involved and our founding principle of maintaining a fun and positive environment.

In addition to physical skills and techniques to defend against attacks, students in our Women’s Self-Defense program will learn about how projecting confidence through body language can make them less of a target, and environments and situations to avoid in order to prevent an attack. Our program also focuses on techniques to successfully escape from dangerous situations and physical attacks.

Our Women’s Self-Defense Classes in Phoenix offers an excellent opportunity to learn safety while providing a great source of regular exercise in non-conventional way. It also offers opportunities to develop new friendships with other students while learning valuable skills in functional self-defense.